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A mirage is something that appears to be but is not. Nothing is more of  a mirage than the appearance of the  fruit. Since the beginning of time the enemy has been attacking us with what is enticing to the eyes. A fruit may look good from the outside but we are never quite sure what is on the inside. That fruit comes from a tree that we did not water or maintain. That tree came from a seed that we did not sow. The only reason we reach for that fruit is because it looks good on the exterior. Our financial journey to this point  has also been about reaching for the fruit that looks good on the exterior. What we have found is that when we eat this fruit and find out that the exterior was just a mirage of what was on the interior, the effects of eating it have severe ramifications.


This book will depict a story told in the book of 2 Kings Chapter 3. While we dissect, and study this story of the bible our hope is that you can take it and apply it to release all financial bondage. Somewhere down the line the enemy used a mirage to steal your financial purpose.Throughout this book we will help you  pinpoint where it was that the enemy was able to strip you from your birthright which was always to be financially free. By acknowledging these principles you will find out that your financial freedom is not a mirage it is a promise. 

The Mirage

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