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Meet Cruz

Hi, my name is Cruz Gomez, founder of Kingdom Finance. Together with my beautiful wife of 20 years Linda and my two precious daughters, Mikayla and Miranda, we want to welcome you!


Along with Kingdom Finance, I am a partner of a very successful income tax company, A Quality Tax Service in Vineland, New Jersey.

Over the years I have gone from living paycheck to paycheck to realizing my entrepreneurial dream. There were countless times that I tried to implement different methods to steward my finances. They all led to nothing long-lasting. I had financial highs and lows - something had to give! Through the word of God, I began to realize that poor stewardship of my finances was just a symptom of a deeper problem. That is when Kingdom Finance was birthed. I am a true example of God’s glory.


We have established programs inspired by the word of God including, family budgeting and education, financial conferences and literacy, credit rehabilitation, business startups and coaching, and much more. I desire to walk with you from financial struggle to successful financial stewardship and the realization of your financial purpose! I look forward to pouring into you what God has poured into me.

Thanks for visiting,

Cruz Gomez

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