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Kingdom Finance

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About Us

Kingdom is an organization that focuses on PEACE, POWER, and PROSPERITY through biblical and practical education and literacy. Under Kingdom Finance, we have established programs to enhance various areas of life inspired by the word of God including, marriage, family budgeting, financial conferences, literacy, credit rehabilitation, business startup and coaching, and much more!


Maintaining peace within your marriage is a part of your KINGDOM COVENANT.
Get incredible tools to create or maintain peace in your kingdom covenant marriage. Like the circle, an ongoing and unbreakable bond with your partner is the mission and goal. 


Creating and maintaining financial power in your business, family or ministry is a part of your KINGDOM EMPOWERMENT.
Get incredible tools and assistance in building and legitimizing your business and vision. Like the square, learn to go to the four corners of the earth in financial power.


Learning and applying financial principles and good practices for yourself and your family is
KINGDOM FINANCE. Get incredible tools to steward your finances according to the word of God. Like the triangle, your finances impact and touch all areas of your life so handle them in kingdom excellence.
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