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Kingdom Covenant


Get incredible tools to create or maintain peace in your kingdom covenant marriage. Like the circle, learn to build an unbreakable on-going bond with your partner.

Check out all of the different resources that we have below. From gender-specific resources to videos done by The Gomez' and also upcoming events, you'll be sure to be in the loop.


My name is Cruz Gomez and as Co-Founder of Kingdom Covenant I have a passion to educate men in the area of relationships. As a man who lacked understanding and stepped outside of my marriage, I have developed a passion to help men find their voice in the relationship. After 23 years of marriage I thank God for the opportunity to pour into you. I am a living testimony that when placing God first anything is possible. 


My name is Linda Gomez and as the Co-Founder of Kingdom Covenant I exist to inspire, equip, and support women to live in God’s purpose. We will fulfill our vision by creating opportunities and resources for women to discover themselves in self worth and relationships in their lives. As one of those women in need 11 years ago who was hurt due to infidelity I can tell you that my only hope and restorer was a relationship with Jesus Christ. Being a mother of teenagers I must strive to be the best role model I can be so I can also equip them as well. 

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